Full Line Disposable Paper & Plastic Packaging Solution


3Sep 2018
Tamper Evident Sandwich Wedges

Excellent choice for ready-made sandwiches.

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9Aug 2018
Tamper Evident Square Salad Bowls

Ideal for airport, supermarkets, wholesale clubs, weddings, parties, and catered events.

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9Jul 2018
4 Comp. Square Snack Container

Perfectly packaged for on-the-go consumption with creative food combinations.

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26Oct 2017
Tamper Evident Parfait Cups

Available in three popular sizes - 8, 12 & 16oz. Ideal for airports, supermarkets, delis, wholesale clubs and C-stores.

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10May 2017
RPET Tamper Evident Hinged Lid Containers

Made from 100% post-consumer recycled PET, available in sizes 8~64 oz.

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26Apr 2017
Tamper Evident Square Deli Containers

VG Clear PET Tamper Evident Square Deli Containers are perfect for packaging a wide variety of products.

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