Full Line Disposable Paper & Plastic Packaging Solution

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Tamper Evident Parfait Cups VG PET Tamper Evident Parfait Cup pair with Inserts and flat / dome Lids to create the perfect multi-ingredient grab-and-go package. 2018/08/24
Clear PET Tamper Evident Square Salad Bowls VG Clear PET Tamper Evident Square Salad Bowls are ideal for weddings, parties, receptions, picnics, receptions and catered events. The patented lock button tab feature which inhibits tampering. 2018/09/04
Clear PET Tamper Evident Square Deli Containers VG Clear PET Tamper Evident Square Deli Containers are perfect for all deli product needs. They are designed to attractively and safely merchandise an assortment of food items. The patented lock button tab feature which inhibits tampering. 2018/09/04
Clear RPET Tamper Evident Hinged Lid Containers made from 100% post-consumer recycled PET. They are available in sizes 8~64 oz. and are perfect for all deli product needs. Designed to attractively and safely merchandise an assortment of food items. 2019/05/17
Clear RPET Hinged Lid Deli Containers VG ECO hinged deli container will be an added convenience for your customers, allowing them to take your culinary creations wherever they go! 2018/09/06
Clear PET Hinged Lid Food Containers The VG clear pet hinged lid food container is great for packaging a wide variety of products. The one piece hinged design and re-closable lid & rim offer secure closure and keeps food fresh. 2018/08/03
Hot Beverage Paper Cups From 4oz espresso to 20oz latte, VG hot beverage paper cups are offered in a variety of sizes to suit multiple drink types. 2018/09/07
Cold Beverage Paper Cups VG cold beverage paper cup is designed specifically for serving soda, iced tea, juice, or any other cold drink. 2018/09/07
Double Wall Paper Cups VG built-in double wall construction provides excellent insulation effects. The best choice for the sustainable growth of the premium beverage segment. 2019/02/21
PET Clear Cups Ranging from 7 to 32 oz, you can find the perfect VG PET CLEAR CUPS from café kiosk, fast food joint, casual restaurant or other spots. 2018/09/04
PLA Clear Cups VG PLA Clear Cup series made from 100% NatureWorks® resin produced in the USA. No plastics or harmful chemicals, 100% compostable. Suitable for cold food and drinks. 2018/09/06
Paper Food Containers VG paper food containers can be used with hot soup or pasta but also for cold and even frozen desserts such as ice creams and yogurts. 2018/09/05
Deli Containers Perfect for preparing and storing food at home and increase sales in your market, produce stand, or deli with VG deli container! 2019/03/28
Fresh View Bowl Crystal clear container with matching lids. Superior presentation for fresh salads, fruits, vegetables, confectionery and bakery goods. 2018/09/04
Cake & Bakery Containers Great for selling and merchandising your 6-10" cakes, pies, or desserts! 2018/09/04
HMR Containers Organize take-out more efficiently with VG Home Meal Replacement Containers. Made of injection-molded PP. 2018/07/31
Heavy Duty Microwave Containers Made from heavy weight PP, sturdy construction, designed to stand up to high temperatures for food service applications. Microwaveable and reusable. 2018/09/05
Cup Holders & Sleeves Heat insulation and convenience for takeaway hot drinks and provides firm grip to cup. 2018/09/07
Paper Bags Made from white and brown kraft paper, a great way to provide strength and carring convenience. 2018/09/07
Sushi Tray Containers Ideal for sushi, deli, or small pastries. Perfect for restaurant, cafe, supermarket, or any carry-out food service. 2017/03/14
Rib Tray Containers Great for restaurants and take-our applications. Stackable, leak-resistant, reusable and microwaveable. 2017/03/13
Heavy Duty Paper Food & Soup Containers VG heavy duty paper food containers are durable and versatile, a perfect fit for operators seeking options for both hot and cold applications. Great for delis, salad bars, ice cream and frozen yogurt shops, fairs and more. 2017/03/16
Paper To Go Boxes To Go Boxes are ideal for serving food from dishes to dessert or snacks. Perfect for any restaurant or catering company and also for boxed lunches. 2015/03/25
Fresh View Bowl Leakproof ver. With new enhanced seal design, VG fresh view bowls leakproof ver. are completely and reliably leak proof so you never have to worry about messy spills when packing liquid ingredients. 2015/06/16